NVIDIA’s RTX 3000 Series GPUs are Huge and Powerful

NVIDIA’s RTX 3000 Series GPUs are Huge and Powerful

After being leaked countless times for the past few months, NVIDIA has finally unveiled its next-generation RTX 3000 series GPUs that use its new Ampere architecture. Compared to the previous-generation Turing architecture used on the RTX 2000-series GPUs, Ampere comes with CUDA cores that deliver twice the FP32 throughput compared to its predecessor, along with 30 shader-TFLOPS of processing power. The Ampere’s RT cores deliver twice the performance over Turing with 58 RT-TFLOPs of power, and the Tensor Cores come with 238 Tensor-TFLOPs of processing power.

All RTX 3000 series GPUs use a new 8N Nvidia custom process manufactured by Samsung and utilize GDDR6X memory (GDDR6 on the RTX 3070). The reference cards feature a unibody design with dual-axial fans for better cooling. With the design change, NVIDIA is shifting to 12-pin connectors that are compatible with 8-pin connectors using adapters.

All three models will come with an HDMI 2.1 connector, allowing for a pass-through of 8K 60Hz or 4K 144Hz signals through a single HDMI cable. They are also the first discrete GPUs to support the AV1 codec, which is an open source alternative to HEVC/VVC

The entry-level RTX 3070 is said to be 60% faster than the RTX 2070, and NVIDIA claims that it is better than the RTX 2080 Ti. It comes with 8GB GDDR6 RAM, which should be good for 1440p and 4K gaming.

The RTX 3080 is the successor of the RTX 2080. Armed with 10GB of faster GDDR6X memory running at 19Gbps, NVIDIA claims that the RTX 3080 performs twice as fast as the original RTX 2080, and can do consistent 4K gaming at 60FPS.

Now if you are ready to go all-in (provided that you have a CPU case large enough to fit it), the top-tier RTX 3090 is literally bigger than the RTX 3080 as it aims to take over the Titan RTX. The behemoth of a GPU comes with a whopping 24GB of GDDR6X memory and a triple-slot design with dual axial fans to make it perform 50% better than the Titan RTX. The new design claims to be 10x quieter while being able to run around 30 degrees cooler than then Titan RTX.

NVIDIA’s bold claim for the RTX 3090? It is powerful enough to run most games at 8K resolution at 60FPS. Those are incredible numbers, but we have to see it for ourselves to know if NVIDIA’s claims do hold true.

As for pricing, the RTX 3090 will be priced at $1499(~Php 72.9k), while the RTX 3080 and 3070 will be priced at $699(~Php 34.1k) and $499(~Php 24.3k) respectively.

Aside from the reference cards, peripheral manufacturers like Palit confirmed that they will be selling the RTX 3090, 3080, and 3070 GPU cards. Palit will be offering all three models in enthusiast-focused GameRock and pro-oriented GamingPro versions.


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