OPPO Kills Off F Series Of Phones

No new phones are coming for it, it seems

We had a feeling that OPPO had killed off its iconic F-series of smartphones a few months ago when the company launched refreshed A-series models, but it’s official: the line that made OPPO’s name in the PH is dead.

While OPPO hasn’t officially confirmed it, the line’s absence during the company’s lineup presentation earlier today speaks volumes. It seems that the company has decided to streamline its product offerings to three main lines: the A Series 2020, the Reno Series and the Find Series.

The A-Series will take over the mid-range duties that the F series handled, while the Reno series looks to be the company’s premium mid-range line moving forward. The Find series, obviously, is still OPPO’s top-tier flagship contender.

OPPO first announced the F series back in 2016, promising a smartphone line focused on photography and selfies.

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  1. Yep, with the launch of the A9 2020 and Alex Gonzaga endorsing it, they just announced a replacement for their F series.

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