OPPO Shares Find X6 Pro Camera Samples

OPPO Shares Find X6 Pro Camera Samples

Ahead of its official unveiling on March 21, OPPO has decided to hype up the release of the Find X6 series by sharing camera samples taken using the Pro model.

The first shot, which has a woman posing on a bamboo raft, appears to showcase the portrait capabilities of the Find X6 Pro, which we presume is the short telephoto camera given the 65mm focal length indicated on the EXIF data. This translates to approximately a 2.8x optical zoom–assuming that the main camera has a 23mm focal length.

The second photo, which is a close-up shot of an eagle, appears to showcase the Find X6 Pro’s periscope camera with its 144mm focal length. That translates to around a 6.3x zoom, which is a broad range IF this focal length is purely optical zoom and no digital zoom is involved.

The third photo showcases the low-light capabilities of the 1-inch IMX989 sensor that will be used on the Find X6 Pro. Based on the EXIF data, we expect the aperture to be at f/1.8.

While the Find X6 Pro might not be made available outside of China, the Find X6 will be just as impressive since it will be using an IMX890 for the main camera. The Pro model is expected to use a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, while the vanilla model will settle for a Dimensity 9000.

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