OPPO Teases Retractable Camera for INNO Day 2021

OPPO Teases Retractable Camera for INNO Day 2021

Ahead of INNO Day 2021, OPPO teased one of its upcoming innovations for the two-day event with their own retractable camera. An evolution of pop-up selfie cameras from years ago, OPPO is exploring the idea of a retractable rear camera to reduce the camera bump especially when it is not in use.

From the 15-second video, the retractable camera is described to have a 50mm focal length, an f/2.4 aperture, and a 1/1.56-inch sensor–which is speculated to be an IMX 766 sensor. Given the focal length, it appears that the retractable camera will function as a portrait lens, offering 2x optical zoom (main rear cameras on smartphones usually have a focal length of 23-25mm). We presume that the need for a retractable camera design is for a more natural bokeh effect when shooting portraits and to make the most out of the 1/1.56-inch sensor.

Some interesting aspects about the retractable camera are that it sports water resistance (pop-up cameras had to sacrifice that feature) and a fall detection system that lets it retract once it detects the phone falling from a certain height.

Aside from teasing new innovations, INNO Day 2021 is also rumored to reveal more details about the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1-powered Find X4 Pro, which might be OPPO’s first phone to use a retractable rear camera.

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