OPPO Unveils Its Own AR Glasses

OPPO Unveils Its Own AR Glasses

Augmented Reality for the masses

OPPO has unveiled its own Augmented Reality Glasses during its first OPPO Inno Day in Shenzen, China today. The new pair of spectacles is certainly a surprise from the Chinese company, as the brand is known more for their smartphones than wearables such as these.

That being said, it’s clear that OPPO is looking to diversify into several product categories next year. The AR Glasses are still in the prototype phase and will likely be improved and changed in the next few months before it’s officially sold to consumers.

Currently, the AR Glasses sport 4 cameras in total in the front: two fisheye, one HD and one ToF, and utilize smart gesture recognition from the user as it doesn’t utilize physical controllers to move around in 3D space.

The glasses don’t require an external connection to a device like a phone and works on its own.

It’s not clear when these glasses will make their consumer debut.

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