OPPO’s Under-Display Camera is the Next Evolution for Smartphones

by Duey Guison  June 26, 2019

Goodbye pop-ups and notches at last

OPPO has come a long way in designing a true all-display phone. From trimming down the bezels to 1.66mm with the R9, introducing a waterdrop notch to the R17 and F9, to utilizing pop-up mechanisms to the F11 Pro, Find X, and Reno, OPPO formally unveiled its Under-Screen Camera (USC) solution at MWC Shanghai 2019.

OPPO’s USC makes use of a customized camera module with a large aperture and large sensor to capture more light while placed underneath a transparent display material. The transparent material has been carefully designed to let more light to pass through without causing issues such as glare, diffraction, color cast, haze, dark background noise.

Aside from the hardware, OPPO incorporated software solutions, emphasizing on white balance, HDR, and haze removal algorithm. The combination of both hardware and software ensures the USC to deliver quality images suitable for selfies and video calls.

OPPO’s USC solution is another step for smartphones as it allows for futuristic, unibody designs. This paves the way for creating waterproof smartphones that look sleek and elegant at the same time—no more moving parts or annoying notches to worry about.

OPPO is still improving its USC tech, so expect them to release newer and more refined versions of it in the near future, where they plan to incorporate support for 3D photography and 3D structured light.

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