Huawei to Highlight Mate 40 Pro’s Capabilities Thru a Virtual Concert

by Duey Guison  December 4, 2020

With the Mate 40 Pro being official in the Philippines, Huawei’s latest flagship phone is also the brand’s best phone to date–especially when it comes to AI smarts. While we all know how good is the Mate 40 Pro when it comes to photography, Huawei wants to showcase another side: this time, it will be all about music.

For the virtual concert Huawei is hosting, the Mate 40 Pro will be used in streaming a piano duet concert utilizing 5G technology and AI smarts. Curious at what will be the outcome of the rather unique event? Make sure to tune in to Huawei’s Facebook page on December 5, 7pm to witness a different side of the Mate 40 Pro’s capabilities!

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