PLDT Refreshes New TelPad With Better Tablet, More Features

by John Nieves  March 6, 2015

PLDT TelPad 02

A better TelPad for you

PLDT’s officially unveiled their newest and most advanced TelPad yet. The new TelPad, which is available to PLDT HOME DSL plans 2099 and up, and all PLDT HOME Fibr plans bring a newly designed tablet and dock as well as new features to the fore.

PLDT TelPad 03

Users will now be able to control household appliances like TVs and airconditioners thanks to the IR blaster that’s integrated to the new tablet and listen to their music thanks to the new hi-fidelity speakers embedded in the tablet dock. The tablet dock also acts as the integrated modem as well as a WiFi repeater.

PLDT TelPad 01

The new TelPad also has integrated app for controlling PLDT’s own FAM CAM service, and obviously acts like a regular landline for those times you don’t like going hi-tech.

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    John, do you happen to know who the OEM is of this new TelPad tablet? I’d like to research more on this as it looks quite nice and the stock launcher doesn’t look as bloated.

    ay nku! naririndi na ako nitong telpad na to…ang dami kna nababasa na reviews na nega nuon about dto at dko pinansin gawa ng yung asawa ko kasi ang nagdisisyon nung inapgarade niya into telpad account nmin. at ngayun mag to two mos palang yung tab ayun bigla namatay ng walang kadahilanan…ginamit lang ng anak nmin kanina nag youtube sya tas nag hang at namatay. buti kung naibagsak o naibunggo man lang para may masabi akong dahilan para mamatay sya. ayun d na maopen. nkakawalang gana.