Pocophone Lead Leaves Xiaomi

by Duey Guison  July 23, 2019

Xiaomi Global Spokesperson Donovan Sung is also stepping down from his post

The Pocophone F1 is arguably the most-talked about phones from 2018: armed with flagship internals at a ridiculously low price, the Pocophone epitomized great value for money. The phone remains to be a hot seller even at the era of Snapdragon 855-powered phones–the Snapdragon 845 processor inside the Pocophone F1 remains to be a highly capable processor in 2019.

While everyone is waiting for the Pocophone’s successor, things are starting to get blurry: AndroidCentral reports that Jai Mani, Pocophone’s product head, has resigned from his post. Mani has been with Xiaomi for five years and started off as Xiaomi India Lead Product Manager back in 2014.

In Mani’s Twitter profile, he notes that he is interested in healthcare and technology, especially mental health. In the same profile, he adds that he used to work for Xiaomi. Aside from Mani’s resignation, Xiaomi Global Spokesperson Donovan Sung posted last Friday that it will be his last month with Xiaomi this July.

With both developments, the future of the Pocophone F2 remains to be blurry. We haven’t heard that much about it saved for alleged benchmarks, so there’s a chance that the Pocophone F1 might be a one-off, and Xiaomi will focus on other phone lines instead.


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