Podcast Ep. 27: Starmobile Diamond V3 Unboxing, Arc Mobile Nitro 450QD, Juanstore

Podcast Ep. 27: Starmobile Diamond V3 Unboxing, Arc Mobile Nitro 450QD, Juanstore

Busog sa gadgets 'tong episode na 'to!
Busog sa gadgets ‘tong episode na ‘to!

JuanStore, Starmobile, and Arc Mobile on the show!

We have another gadget packed show for you guys! For this special episode of the Unbox Video Podcast we kick things off by talking with Timothy Go, Business Unit Head of JuanStore.com, a social e-commerce site. Timothy shares with us how we can make our own e-commerce stores without having to put up capital for stocks. We can actually just set-up an account at Juanstore.com to be a reseller, pick from their catalogue of items, and start selling. After Juanstore we jump into a wave of gadgets! First up we had a live exclusive unboxing of the first ever commercial unit of the Starmobile Diamond V3. We followed this up by featuring another unreleased gadget, the Starmobile Engage 8 Tablet. Finally we checked out the most affordable quad-core smartphone to date, the Arc Mobile Nitro 450QD.

Here’s the episode segment guide for your reference (so you can skip to the parts you want).

0:00 – JuanStore.com
23:30 – Arc Mobile Nitro 450QD
33:22 – Starmobile Diamond V3
42:31 – Starmobile Engage 8
52:00 – Announcement of the Unbox Gadget Expo 2013 (UGX 2013)

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