Poll Results: Which Smartphone Took the Best Photos?

Poll Results: Which Smartphone Took the Best Photos?

The Results Are In!

Well, the poll is over and you’ve most likely seen the results based on your votes, but which smartphones did we actually use in this camera shootout? We asked you to guess and some of you who have left a comment on our poll actually got it right; most likely because you can download the photos and look at their details on your PC. If you weren’t one of the guys or gals who couldn’t wait for the reveal, here are the smartphones we used for the poll.

  • Smartphone A – iPhone 7 Plus
  • Smartphone B – Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom
  • Smartphone C – Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Smartphone D – Huawei P10 Plus
  • Smartphone E – LG G6
  • Smartphone F – Vivo V5 Plus
  • Smartphone G – OPPO F3 Plus

The Best Outdoor Photo

The result for the best outdoor photo was a bit of landslide! There were a total of 438 votes and the ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom won, hands down, with 47-percent (228 votes) of the vote. The LG G6 came in second place with 20-percent (98 votes) of the vote, and the Huawei P10 Plus coming in at third with 10-percent (48 votes).

The Best Portrait

For the best portrait shot, ASUS once takes first place with 31-percent of the vote (141 votes). The competition was a little tighter in this category with the Huawei P10 Plus coming in second place with 26-percent or 119 votes. Coming in 3rd is the OPPO F3 Plus with 23-percent of the vote (103 votes); showing that its not always about their front cameras.

The Best Outdoor Shot at Night

ASUS, once again, takes this one with a total of 145 votes (34%). Samsung’s Galaxy S8 finally breaks the top 3 and takes second place with 135 votes (32%) making this a pretty tight race between the Taiwanese and Korean brand. Sliding into third is the Huawei P10 Plus with 15% of the total votes (103 votes).

The Best Indoor Photo

Chinese brand, Vivo, takes first place in the indoor photo category. The Vivo V5 Plus got 134 votes (33%). The ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom comes in second with 26% of the vote, or 104 votes. Huawei takes third with 59 votes (15%) for the P10 Plus.

The Best Selfie

We thought the selfie-centric phones would come out on top in this department, but the Zenfone 3 Zoom takes this category once again. It got 162 votes, out of 419, placing it atop the other smartphones we used. In second, is the Vivo V5 Plus with 116 votes, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S8 with 71 votes.

The Overall Winner of the Poll

Undoubtedly, the ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom came out big in this poll; coming out on top in 4 of the 5 categories. When ASUS initially released the Zenfone 3 last year, the Taiwanese company said that it was a smartphone that was “Built for Photography”; perhaps there’s more to that than just their marketing arm creating buzz words for their phones. Now, full disclosure here, ASUS does support the website (we think that’s pretty apparent since their ad is one of the first things you see), but the poll results are based on your choices with at least  400 votes per category.

The big shocker here is that the Apple iPhone 7 Plus came a lot lower than we were expecting. The highest position it claimed in this poll was 5th and we were surprised to see it at the bottom of the barrel in three of the five categories.

We’ll be trying to run polls like this periodically to let you guys chime in on the smartphones that come across our desks at Unbox HQ. A big thanks goes out to all the folks who participated in the poll, and we hope to see more of you next time for a larger sample size.

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