Qualcomm to Produce In-House Gaming Phone with ASUS

by Duey Guison  October 8, 2020

Since the first gaming phones back in late 2017, Qualcomm has been the go-to choice for brands for the best in performance with its Snapdragon 800-series processors. Since then, Qualcomm has been announcing plus variants of its Snapdragon 800-series processors featuring higher CPU and GPU clocks that should level up the gameplay experience for gaming phones.

With Qualcomm announcing an online event happening from December 1 to 2, the San Diego-based chipset maker is expected to announce the Snapdragon 875. Rumors about the flagship chipset include a 5nm process done by Samsung and the use of ARM’s latest Cortex-X1 CPU cores. If that is not enough, DigiTimes reports that Qualcomm is planning to launch its own gaming phone by the end of the year, with ASUS as co-developer.

The ROG Phone 1.

the partnership is expected: the original ROG Phone used a speed-binned Snapdragon 845 processor that has a higher CPU clock speed than the usual Snapdragon 845 processors used by other brands back in 2018. This speed-binned version of the Snapdragon 845 was followed through with the Snapdragon 855+ and 865+, which were used on the ROG Phone 2 and ROG Phone 3 respectively. Unlike with the speed-binned Snapdragon 845, other brands got to use the Snapdragon 855+ and 865+ for their premium flagship phones.

For this upcoming gaming phone, sources told DigiTimes that the Qualcomm-ASUS partnership includes calls for joint purchasing of essential components like screens, memory, camera modules, batteries, and cooling solutions. This suggests that Qualcomm’s own gaming phone will share similar elements with the ROG Phone, but might have lower production costs because of the joint purchasing agreement.

In addition, DigiTimes reports that Qualcomm and Asus expect to produce roughly one million phones a year: half of it being Qualcomm-branded phones and the other half being ROG-branded phones.

Would you consider buying a Qualcomm-branded gaming phone in the future?


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