Rain Design mStand

Rain Design mStand

The Rain Design mStand was designed for the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. However you can still use it with other laptops. It’s a stylish laptop stand made from a single solid piece of aluminum. The color matches the MacBook Unibody silver anodized finish making it a great resting place for your Mac. If your desk is just a boring block of wood or plastic, transform it into a cool workstation with the mStand.

Not only does it look good, it also helps you work better. The stand follows ergonomic guidelines which keeps the screen at eye level which means that your back, forearms, and wrists will be in proper position. You’ll need to use an external keyboard and mouse though to achieve this.

How much? We bought ours locally for P2,500. The US price though is just $49 USD. Apple reseller Digital Walker/Hub used to carry the mStand but they’re not out of stocks. They still have some units of the iLevel though.

For more details, check out the Rain Design website.

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