Razer Announces Switch-like Kishi Controller For Your Phone

Razer Announces Switch-like Kishi Controller For Your Phone

It works with a wide variety of mobiles

Razer’s beefing up its smartphone gaming accessory portfolio with a second gaming accessory for your phone: the Kishi. The Kishi looks like another Switch game controller that works with a wide array of Android smartphones and even iPhones, which was one of the biggest criticisms with their first controller, the Junglecat.

The Kishi attaches to the sides of your Android phone via its USB Type-C connector or Lightning connector if you’re using an iPhone. From there, the controller feeds input directly to your phone, which theoretically means less input lag when you’re playing FPS games.

The Kishi’s direct connection to your phone also means you don’t have to charge it to use it, and pass-through ports on the controller also allow you to charge your phone while you’re gaming.

Razer made the controller in cooperation with GameVice and will be available in early 2020, though Razer hasn’t given us official pricing yet.

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