Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Unboxing and Initial Impressions

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Unboxing and Initial Impressions

BlackWidow Tournament Edition Mechanical Gaming Keyboard FTW!
BlackWidow Tournament Edition Mechanical Gaming Keyboard FTW!

Meet the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Mechanical Gaming Keyboard!

We indulged ourselves in some intense retail therapy yesterday and one of the buys we came out with was the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. We actually didn’t get it for the gaming benefits (programmable keys, etc). The real reason why we decided to pick one up is that mechanical keyboards are just superb typing machines.

That and it looks so cool, haha! Anyway, before we go to the unboxing allow us to explain what’s so “high tech” about this keyboard. It’s priced locally at around Php3,900+ so it’s not a cheap buy.

Mechanical Keyboard! Yay! So… what does it do?

The Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition uses Cherry MX Blue Switches which results to a very solid and tactile typing feel. Typing actually becomes “pleasurable” and the feeling is even enhanced with the loud clicky sounds that go with each key press, hehe. It also uses Anti-ghosting technology which allows up to 10 keys to be pressed at the same time (usual is 3-5 max). Both of these features combined help with the ergonomics of mashing keys as well as enhancing the durability of the keyboard.

Clear? Crystal. Let’s move on to the unboxing. 🙂

Unboxing time!

Usual Razer packaging
Usual Razer packaging

The keyboard comes in your usual Razer black and green printed carton box. Product information is mostly at the back while a product hero shot is at the front. One major change they did with the packaging though was that they used another carton inside this one for the keyboard. This offers more protection for the keyboard during transit. Here’s what it looks like:

Razer Unboxing 4

Upon opening the box we weren’t immediately greeted by the keyboard. Instead we found it comfortably inside a felt-like case. Woot. Razer included the carrying case since this keyboard was meant to be portable (for gamers to carry them around for tournaments and stuff).

Sweet looking carrying pouch/case
Sweet looking carrying pouch/case

The case has an inner compartment as well for the detachable microUSB to USB cable that connects the keyboard to your PC/laptop. Razer definitely thought this out.

Hardware Check!

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition... UNBOXED!
Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition… UNBOXED!

The BlackWidow Tournament Edition has several notable differences from other BlackWidow keyboards. The most obvious is that it’s smaller and more compact. Razer lopped off the 10-key numeric keypad at the right side. They also reduced the number of programmable macro-keys on the left side.

More compact and portable
More compact and portable

Razer also changed the chassis. Instead of the glossy fingerprint magnet build of their previous keyboards, the BlackWidow Tournament Edition has a smooth matte finish. It looks more solid and professional but it occasionally attracts fingerprints and smudges but not as bad as the glossy ones.

Fortunately those are the only major changes. The keyboard still has some backlit keys making it gain +1000 pogi points (hahaha).

PC Express selling it for Php3,900+

So you want one? SRP is at Php3,900 but we do have some fantastic news for you guys. Beyond PC, a high-end PC store owned by PC Express in SM Cyberzone Megamall, is offering a wide range of products with a 10% discount (cash payments only). Razer products are included in the promo and we were able to avail of this yesterday so we got this for around Php3,500+. The promo is only until this weekend so if you want one, this weekend is the best time to get it. 🙂

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