Razer Electra Headphones

Razer Electra Headphones

Razer Electra: Headphones for Gaming on the Go!

We’ve tried several Razer gaming headphones before including the 7.1 Razer StarCraft II cans but our biggest problem with them is that you can only use them via USB. You can’t use it with your iPod or smartphone so that you can listen to your favorite tracks when you’re not gaming. That’s where Razer’s new product, the Razer Electra, comes into play.

The design screams Razer with the black and green accents so expect to turn heads since these aren’t your usual headphones. Gamers will definitely recognize it since the Razer logo is proudly displayed on the exterior face of the ear cups. In terms of build the Electra has thick leatherette cushions that are supposed to mold to the shape of your ears for maximum comfort. The ear cups are also positioned in a way to help with sound isolation. The headband is sturdy but flexible and overall the headphones aren’t that heavy. For sound quality the product description says that it’s focused more on bass so expect thumpy, punching, and powerful bass.

Here are a few more photos in different angles:

Razer Electra - gaming on the go!

The Razer Electra SRP is $60 USD (roughly around Php2,600). Since we have a local distributor of Razer we’ll probably see this in Greenhills a few months from now.

For more information about the product, check out the Razer site.

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