Razer Gave its Hammerhead TWS Earbuds a Pokemon-Themed Design

Razer Gave its Hammerhead TWS Earbuds a Pokemon-Themed Design

It has a Pokeball for its battery case

Looking for a fancier version of Razer’s Hammerhead TWS earbuds? The gaming brand just announced a Pokemon-themed version with the Pikachu TWS earbuds. The buds have the same design as the Hammerhead, though they are dressed in yellow and swaps Razer’s snake logo for a silhouette of Pikachu.

What makes these TWS earbuds interesting is the battery case: a faithful reproduction of the Pokeball, with the front button lighting up to show the battery charge. The cool battery case also comes with a wrist strap, just in case you want to flex your Pokeball with your Pokemon-loving friends.

Like the regular Hammerhead TWS, you get an IPX4 rating, 13mm drivers, and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with low-latency 60ms mode. To keep up with the Pokemon theme, the voice prompts are replaced by Pikachu’s voice.

These cool TWS earbuds are available in China for CNY 849(~Php 6.1k) starting April 16. No word yet if Razer will make them available outside of China.


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