Razer Unveils Project Christine – Is This the Future of PC Gaming?

by John Nieves  January 8, 2014


Razer’s new concept wants to simplify PC desktop upgrades

Just when we were wondering when exactly would Razer finally show some PC gaming related hardware, the company unveils Project Christine – a new take on the PC gaming rig. In a nutshell, Christine is a modular PC gaming rig unlike any other before it, and aims to simplify the way you upgrade your primary gaming rig.


One of our biggest frustrations whenever we modify or upgrade our gaming rig is how fiddly everything is. While PC desktops of today are relatively simple to upgrade compared to gaming rigs before, it’s still a fiddly process, and is intimidating to most. Project Christine aims to completely eliminate that by relying on modular pieces that house different components that you can easily slip in and out without fiddling with wires or ports. Need a new GPU? Bam, slide the new model in. New HDD? No problem, push that sucker in there.


Aside from simplifying the updgrade process, Project Christine looks beautiful. It definitely looks like a gaming rig from the future – from the individual modules that make it up, to the central tower that houses all of the upgrades – it simply looks stunning.


The bad news is that at this point, Christine is still stuck in the project stage of things, and won’t be available yet. But if Razer’s track record is anything to go by (remember Project Fiona?) we’ll be seeing Christine materialize into a consumer product soon.

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