Razer’s Junglecat Controller Transforms your Phone into a Switch

It has a few caveats, however

Not to be left behind by ASUS ROG and Black Shark, Razer unveiled their own gaming controller with the Junglecat. Designed to work with Android smartphones and Windows computers (sorry iOS users), the Junglecat has a Switch-like Joy-Con design where you can attach the controllers to the phone case together with your phone. Currently, the phone case only fits the Razer Phone 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S10+, and Huawei P30 Pro.

If you plan to use it on phones not mentioned earlier, you can only use the Junglecat with the controller grip. Razer claims that the Junglecat’s Bluetooth connection promises low latency times and that its battery is rated for 100 hours. Charging is done via USB-C, which is found on either controller.

To make the most out of the Junglecat, the Razer Gamepad app lets you tweak the controls for each game, remap the buttons, and adjust the sensitivity of the analog sticks.

The Junglecat controller is priced at $99.99(~Php 5.1k).

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