Razer’s Nabu X Fitness Tracker Takes Away The Screen And Lowers The Price


Here’s a cheaper fitness tracker from Razer

Approximately last year Razer entered the wearable game with their Nabu smart band during CES, and this year the company is announcing another member of their wearable line: the Nabu X. The Nabu X is more affordable compared to their previous offering, though it’s lost its screen and the ability to show you your text notifications.


Everything else is still in the Nabu X though – its vibrates when your phone receives a notification, and its LED lights tell you what kind you just received, as well as track your fitness metrics via a built-in accelerometer and Bluetooth connectivity.

Since the new wearable has lost its display, you can expect this to be cheaper this time around – you can try to hop on the early adopter program where you can get it as low as $20 (or Php 900), or if you want to wait until the official release, you’ll be paying $50 or Php 2250 for it.

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