Super Affordable TWS Earbuds that Cover the Essentials (and More) – realme Buds T110 Review

Super Affordable TWS Earbuds that Cover the Essentials (and More) – realme Buds T110 Review

Review Verdict: The realme Buds T110 offers a decent soundstage and an adequate set of controls for its price in the Philippines, but you have to be mindful of some of its quirks particularly with pairing them and the lack of a USB-C cable in the box.


  • Good amount of bass
  • Very affordable
  • Excellent touch control options for a budget TWS


  • Pairing setup can be tricky at first
  • USB-C cable not included

Aside from the C65, realme is also bringing over a new pair of budget TWS earbuds to the Philippines with the Buds T110. With a price of under Php 1.5k, the Buds T110 aims to be a decent pair of TWS earbuds for those who are on a budget and prefer to buy one from an established tech brand.

realme Buds T110 Philippines: Design

The Buds T110 has the same, familiar design that we’ve seen on recent realme TWS products with its oval-shaped case that has the branding in front and a USB-C port at the bottom. What’s a bit unusual with the Buds T110 is the lack of a pairing button. It took a while for us to figure out how to pair it with multiple devices, and for the Buds T110, it involves holding on to the touch panels on both earbuds until you hear a prompt. It may be a bit cumbersome, but it’s easy to get used to doing it.

As for the earbuds themselves, they have a stem that houses the mics and charging pins, along with a decently large touch control panel on the body. The earbuds have an angled design that gives the stems a proper angle for better mic reception.

The overall design of the Buds T110 is similar to the Buds T100, with only slight differences in the overall size of the case and the weight of the earbuds.


realme Buds T110 Philippines: User Interface and Fit

Like other realme TWS products, the Buds T110 also utilizes the realme Link app for further customization. The app lets you choose from three EQ presets (Bass Boost+, Balanced, and Bright), along with customization options for the touch panels and settings for game mode.

Setting up the touch controls is broad for a pair of budget TWS earbuds, as you can even set volume controls–a rare function for the Buds T110’s price point.

The Buds T110’s angled design makes them easy to put on the ear and also makes them comfortable to use even for long periods.


realme Buds T110 Philippines: Audio Quality and Battery Life

The Buds T110 has punchy bass right out of the box (Balanced on the realme Link app), and we prefer its soundstage in the Bright sound effects with its better rendition of vocals and more tempered lows. The Bass Boost+ sound effects felt a bit too much on the bass department, so we recommend going for either the default or Bright preset.

While the Buds T110 lacks active noise cancellation, the in-ear tips have a good seal that’s enough to isolate outside noise. For calls, the ENC feature gets the job done in isolation of background noise, and the mics have a good pickup of our voice.

While we were getting roughly the same battery life for the earbuds at around 7 hours on a single charge when compared to the Buds T100, the overall battery life with the case is much longer at 38 hours (vs 28 hours on the Buds T100). The longer battery life on the Buds T110 means that they are good for long commutes–you will be able to use them for a week before needing to charge the case via USB-C for around 1.5 hours.

One thing you have to take note, however, is that there’s no USB-C cable included in the box. Unless your device does not use USB-C, this should not be a problem with the Buds T110.


realme Buds T110 Philippines: Wrap-up and Conclusions

For a pair of budget TWS earbuds, the Buds T110 covers all the basics. While they may have a punchy bass, they can be toned down in favor of clearer vocals through the app–which should be enough to make the Buds T110 stand out among budget TWS offerings.

realme Buds T110 Philippines: Price

The Buds T110 is priced at Php 1,399.

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