Runtastic Outs Orbit, GPS Watch and Libra Fitness Gadgets, Exclusive Through Lazada

Runtastic Outs Orbit, GPS Watch and Libra Fitness Gadgets, Exclusive Through Lazada


Fitness wearables and gadgets for amateurs and pros

Runtastic is a company that’s known for its line of free and paid fitness apps, but apparently that’s not all they make. The company also makes some top-notch wearables and fitness trackers for normal joes and budding athletes.

The company is now officially offering three of its new offerings to the Philippines exclusively through Lazada: the entry-level Orbit wearable, the GPS Watch and their Libra connected weighing scale.


The Orbit is your typical fitness tracker that acts much like other fitness trackers in the market. It tracks
calories burned, steps taken, time active (walking around, not just sitting on your desk), how many hours you’ve slept as well as keep track of time via the small, LCD display. The app is a step above simple wearables like Jawbone’s Up, and does most of the heavy lifting via Runtastic’s own app that’s included with the Orbit.


The Runtastic GPS Watch is meant for more serious users that need more detailed information for their runs and rides. It has an integrated GPS receiver in it that tracks exactly where you’re going so you have a detailed map of where you’ve been – important for people who take long bike rides or compete on triathalons. Much like the Orbit, it connects to Runtastic’s own app to give you a detailed rundown on what you’ve been doing, where you’ve been and other important information regarding your workout.


The Libra meanwhile is a connected weighing scale that talks to your smartphone. While they haven’t programmed functionality to tell you to take it easy on the burgers when you go over a certain weight, Runtastic has managed to build in more important (and useful) features into the Libra. It’s capable of telling you your current body fat, BMI, muscle mass, body water content and a whole host of other things that’s extremely useful for people looking to lose or build weight.

Prices for the Orbit, GPS Watch and the Libra are Php 7,500, Php 9,500 and Php 9,500 respectively. As a special treat, Runtastic will be cutting prices for all three devices for a month by Php 1,000, so the prices for the Orbit, GPS Watch and the Libra will be Php 6,500, Php 8,500 and Php 8,500 respectively.

Check out all of Runtastic’s offerings through Lazada here.

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