Samsung Galaxy Note Hands-on

Samsung Galaxy Note Hands-on

Samsung Galaxy Note in the flesh!

Quick Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Note

I’m currently here in Jakarta, Indonesia for the BlackBerry launch event. Part of the delegation from the Philippines is our good tech blogger friend Yugatech! He had with him his Samsung Galaxy Note and he was kind enough to let me try it out during our group dinner last night.

Size Matters?

The first thing that will really come out of your mouth once you see the Note in the flesh is “Wow, it’s big”. The 5.3″ touchscreen sets it apart from all other smartphones. By the way you’d think that this device is heavy due to the size but it’s actually light and very thin. Definitely amazing technology at work here. And to think they also packed this with a 1.4GHz dual core processor!

Holding the Galaxy Note

So how is texting on the Samsung Galaxy Note? Personally I fell in love with this thing the moment I started playing around with the messaging app. My main problem with smaller touchscreen smartphones is that I often make mistakes because my fingers are quite big. The wide screen of the Galaxy Note is absolutely perfect for me. I’m seriously considering this already as my big holiday purchase for the year just because of the easier touchscreen texting experience!

The browsing experience on the Note is also much better compared to normal smartphones. Again this is because of the screen. The same can be said for social networking like Twitter and Facebook.

Back of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Reminds of of the Samsung Galaxy S2

We only had a couple of minutes with it but the Galaxy Note experience lives up to it’s phone-tablet hybrid nature. It’s smaller and lighter than a tablet making it more portable and easy to use. The screen is also big enough to give a better experience to browsing, media (especially video) and texting.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is already available for pre-order here.


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