Samsung Makes its GameDriver App Official

Samsung Makes its GameDriver App Official

While the idea of updatable GPU drivers is a common thing with computers, mobile phones have yet explored the said idea. That’s until today, as Samsung has made its GameDriver apps official at the Google Play store. Available in Mali and Adreno versions,  the said app aims to improve GPU performance through a GPU driver update.

While it may sound similar to what Huawei implemented with GPU Turbo, Samsung’s Game Driver focuses on updating the actual GPU drivers–something that is unheard of in mobile phones until now. The app is said to be made after a collaboration with Google and major GPU vendors like ARM and Qualcomm, and those who have tried it saw improvements in games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Fortnite.

You can download GameDriver (for Mali, since local units use Exynos chips) here.

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