Samsung Series 9 Notebook

Samsung Series 9 Notebook

The Samsung Series 9 Notebook is Samsung’s answer to Apple’s MacBook Air. It’s definitely superior in terms of specs but it’s a whole lot more expensive compared to the 11-inch entry model price of the MBA. The Samsung Series 9 Notebook is powered by an Intel Core i5 Processor (1.40 GHz, turbo to 2.3 GHz), 4GB DDR3 Memory, 128 SSD, and Intel HD2 graphics. In terms of look, it’s sleek and silvery black. It’s actually made from Duralumin which is the same material used in creating aircrafts (whoa). It weighs just 2.89 lbs and measures 0.64 of an inch at it’s thickest point.

How much? P79,990.

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