Samsung Unveils Massive 30.72TB SSD Drive

An SSD drive that will keep us drooling

In an age where we shoot footage in 4K and edit photos that are approximately 30mb in size, we really need a big storage device for that. Not just big, but fast and efficient as well to keep our workflow consistent. While consumers have to settle with 1TB to 2TB SSD drives, Samsung is pushing tech to the limits with its new SSD drive.

Called the PM1643, Samsung’s latest SSD drive can hold 30.72TB (emphasis on TB) worth of files, while boasting of speeds of up to 2,100MB/s sequential read and 1,700MB/s write. This is made possible through using 40TB worth of DRAM V-NAND chips.

Aside from being fast and efficient, Samsung claims that you can write through the whole drive every day for five years, with a mean time between failures of 2 million hours.

While the new drive is intended to be used for industrial purposes, we consumers could just wish that this tech would become more affordable in the future given our demand for big and efficient storage drives.


Source: GSM Arena

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