Samsung’s Foldable Phone Might Not Be Ready This Year

Samsung’s Foldable Phone Might Not Be Ready This Year

Samsung’s still tweaking the design of the device

Our hopes for a foldable from Samsung phone may not come true this year, as the Korean brand says that they’re pushing back the release date for their roll-able Galaxy X to December at the earliest. Even then, that date is pretty optimistic, as Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh said that they’re still trying to work on several “durability issues” with the device.

“It is difficult to talk about the date of the launch now. We want to unveil the products properly but now seems a bit early,” Koh told The Korea Herald.

“We want to have a good reaction from customers once the phone is out in the market. But there are still durability issues that we need to address,” he added.

Koh also said that the UX is currently the biggest obstacle in commercialization and added that the company was aggressively looking to overcome the issue.

Samsung’s foldable phone would be able to double as a tablet thanks to its flexible display, though making modifications to Android, the OS that runs virtually all of their mobile devices, to make that possible seem to pose a more significant challenge than the company initially expected.

Samsung isn’t the only one looking to unveil a foldable phone as well, as Chinese rival Huawei has expressed their interest in releasing a similar product in the future. 

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