Samsung’s The Frame Is A Work Of Art

Samsung’s The Frame Is A Work Of Art

It shows off art pieces when you’re not watching

Samsung showed off a new concept TV dubbed “The Frame” back in CES this year, which was designed to disappear into the background of your home when not in use. Today the Korean company has announced that the concept TV will actually be launched as a retail product in Q2 in the US, though many of the features of the said TV is still cloaked in mystery.

What we do know is that The Frame is a Yves Béhar-designed screen that displays over 100 pieces of art when you’re not using it. It’s meant to be mounted on the wall, and the TV utilizes Samsung’s new gapless wall mount and Inivisible Connection tech to make the TV blend seamlessly with your home’s decor.

No price has been set as of yet by Samsung, but knowing them it’ll probably be priced at a premium when it hits stores in the US this Spring.

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