Seiko 5 Sports Specialist Unboxing: Affordable Stylish Sports Watch

Seiko 5 Sports Specialist Unboxing: Affordable Stylish Sports Watch

We check out the latest watch from Seiko!

A few weeks back, Seiko launched its all-new Seiko 5 Sports collection. The collection pays homage to 50 years of the Seiko 5 Sports line, and aside from a new logo, the collection spans 27 styles from 5 lines: Sports, Suits, Sense, Street, and Specialist. We got our hands on the Specialist line, and here’s a quick look at Seiko’s tito and millennial-friendly watch:

The watch comes with an outer box that contains various documentation and another box containing the watch itself. The inner box comes with the classic Seiko branding and the new Seiko 5 logo. Opening the box, you have the watch itself, sitting on a plush leatherette pillow. Our timepiece is the Specialist model (SRPD76K1).

There are three styles under the Specialist line, and the SRPD76K1 is the most premium among the three with its Rose Gold plated case, bezel, and buckle. The dial is in black and has Rose Gold trimmings on the indices and hands. The Seiko 5 branding is printed in the same shade of Rose Gold.

With a 42.5mm diameter and a 13.5mm thickness, the Seiko 5 Sports Specialist has the same dimensions as most modern, mechanical sports watches today. With its Rose Gold color, you’d easily mistake the Seiko 5 Sports Specialist as a luxury watch priced upwards of the six-digit mark. The design is familiar for a good reason: the new Seiko 5 Sports shares a near-identical look to Seiko’s Diver’s Watches—specifically the now-discontinued SKX007 Diver’s Watch.

Underneath the watch is an open case back showcasing the innards—Seiko’s 4R36A automatic movement. For those who are not into horology, the 4R36A is the same movement used in Seiko’s more expensive Prospex Divers Watches. While you do not get the same depth rating (Prospex watches have at least a 200m depth rating, while the Seiko 5 Sports is only rated for 100m), you still get the same accurate timekeeping feature with the Seiko 5 Sports.

While it looks premium, the Seiko 5 Sports Specialist remains sporty with its silicone watch band. Aside from the Rose Gold plated buckle, the strap is unique with its calf leather trimming to keep in line with its elegant appeal.

The Seiko 5 Sports Specialist (SRPD76K1) is priced at Php 19,000.

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