Sharp Unveils First 8K LED TV in the Philippines

by Duey Guison  May 17, 2018

The LCD-70SX970 is the first 8K LED TV to be sold in the Philippines.

It boasts double the resolution of 4K TVs today

Sharp continues to make its presence felt by introducing new technology to the Philippine market. During the press launch at Shangri-la Fort, Sharp unveiled its line of 4K and 8K Aquos LED TVs—both in Android Nougat and EasySmart flavors.

Sharp’s line of Aquos 4K TVs.

Speaking of the latter, the Japanese brand is pushing technology to the limit: While 4K content is all the rage nowadays, Sharp is bringing 8K to the mainstream. Since its official unveiling last October 2017, Sharp has brought its Aquos 8K LED TV to China, Japan, Taiwan, the European Market, and the Philippines.

Aside from boasting of an insane 8K resolution, the LCD-70SX970A comes with Android Nougat and support for HDR10 and DV content.

While 8K content is still considered a niche market, Sharp TV System Business Unit Deputy General Manager Toshio Kawata thinks that everyone will benefit from it. “8K will dramatically impact many aspects of our lives: medical, business, security, education, transportation, and many more,” Kawata said.

No price has been given to the LCD-70SX970A as of press time.



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    Will never buy a smart tv. Parang phone lang yan na i-a-abandona after 2 years ng manufacturer. Buy a cheap dongle instead like a chromecast.

    Whatever the resolution, be it 4K, 8K or 16K, that TV manufacturers make, no top-of-the-line LED TVs can beat the old CRT TVs when it comes to picture reproduction. That is a fact.