Smart and PLDT Roll Out 5G Cell Site in Makati

Smart and PLDT Roll Out 5G Cell Site in Makati

Small steps towards a wider 5G rollout

After launching its first 5G tower in Clark, Pampanga, Smart and PLDT rolled out a new 5G cell site at the PLDT Headquarters in Makati City. Made possible with technology partner Huawei, both 5G towers in Clark and Makati are 3GPP compliant and among the first to be activated in the Philippines.

“With 5G resources now in place, we are looking at developing 5G solutions and applications for central business district areas like Makati, which host a dense population of businesses, people and advanced devices,” PLDT and Smart Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer Ernesto Alberto said.

Beyond promises of better speeds, Smart claims that 5G will open up new possibilities for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and smart cities. Other key benefits include low-latency connections, enhanced mobile broadband services, massive machine type communications.

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