SMART Evolution (4G LTE) Unboxed

SMART Evolution (4G LTE) Unboxed

SMART Evolution (4G LTE) Closed Beta Kit!

Unboxing the SMART Evolution (4G LTE) Closed Beta Testing Kit

I’m happy to say that Unbox was chosen as one of the few sites that will be able to do the first round of closed beta testing for SMART Evolution (4G LTE). We dropped by the Smart-PLDT Jump Experience Center earlier this afternoon to get our kits and for the mandatory product briefing as well. Jump found itself home to a lot of the top tech writers in the country including Manila Bulletin’s Art Samaniego and Yugatech’s Abe Olandres. The Editor of InterAksyon Infotech, Jing Garcia, was also present.

Let me just share with you guys our unboxing photos of the SMART Evolution (4G LTE) CBT Kit.

42 mbps here I come (I hope!)

What's inside the brown envelope? A simple Smart Evolution branded box! Very easy to open. Just remove tape and pull out the USB Dongle, SIM Card, and manual.
Yes, this dongle is huge. It's almost as long as the BlackBerry Bold 9790. It's actually thicker too!
HUGGEEE. Yes, this will probably eat up at least two adjacent USB slots.
They finally added a wire to the cap! That should be staple in all USB dongles.

We haven’t used it yet so I don’t have any speed tests yet for you guys. The good news though is that they said that there is LTE coverage in San Juan where I live. I can’t wait to try this baby out when I get home later tonight (I’m still in the office as I write this).

Some other important stuff about Smart Evolution

If you’re interested in subscribing to this when it comes out then you might want to read the following bits on information that was discussed earlier during the briefing.

  • How much? According to Smart: “Premium” pricing. Wow. They did not mince words when they said this. This will be more expensive than the Smart Bro Rocket.
  • When it launches it will be on postpaid and not prepaid.
  • When will it launch? They can’t commit a date. I’m thinking late 2012 or early 2013.
  • LTE operates on a different network which means there won’t be congestion like what you see in 3G/2G/HSPA+.
  • They only have around 23-25 LTE sites as of this writing.
  • Closed Beta Testers have a 50GB monthly usage cap.

Speed tests and the reviews coming soon!

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