Smart Sunglasses That You Need To Cop: Huawei X Gentle Monster

by John Nieves  November 15, 2019

Seriously awesome set of specs

Huawei announced their collaboration with Korean sunglasses and optical brand Gentle Monster a few months ago and now we get to see the fruits of that collab in Singapore.

The new specs offer better functionality than similar products like Snapchat’s Spectacles without looking as dorky. In fact, these pairs of shades don’t look like a tech product at all.

While the Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear is technically smart glasses, there are no buttons or ports anywhere in the frame. Dual, semi-open design speakers are built into the frame of the glasses so you can take calls discreetly and are designed so that there’s very little sound leak ensuring total privacy when taking calls.

Aside from that, the glasses also have active noise reduction tech in the form of dual microphones in an incredibly slim temple which is enhanced by AI speech noise-reduction tech.

The sunglasses feature polarized lenses and have IP67 level water and dust resistance for maximum reliability when in use.

Aside from taking calls, you can also playback music using the sunglasses as well. Playback and call controls are done by double-tapping the temples of the glasses.

Huawei quotes total battery life for the specs at just 2.5 hours, which may seem short but considering its almost indistinguishable in both size and bulk to regular sunglasses, that’s pretty impressive.

Since the glasses have no ports, charging is done via NFC through the included leather case.

Unfortunately, there’s no price or availability yet for these, as they’re only sold through Gentle Monster stores. Gentle Monster hasn’t set up in the Philippines as of yet, so if you really want this you’ll have to buy it in Korea, Singapore and other countries that already have the brand in-country.

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