Sony PS4 Will Soon Have The Ability To Use External Hard Drives For Games

While we love Sony’s PS4 to bits, one of the biggest limiting factors to the console was its hard drive. More specifically, not being able to upgrade your device’s storage capacity without a whole lot of technical trickery, know-how and voiding your warranty. Well, that problem will soon disappear – Sony has announced that they will be introducing a new system update to the console (version 4.50 if anyone’s curious) that allows you to use external HDD’s with it. While the PS4 has previously been able to use external HDDs for things like media, movies and music, it’s not been able to use external drives to store games.

With the new update that will soon be possible, and you’ll finally be able to download, store and play games via USB 3.0 HDDs up to 8TB in size. That means if you have a fast connection at home, you can ditch buying physical disks and put it all on your external HDD, making buying versions with bigger storage a moot point.

The new update will also allow you to use an in-game screenshot to become your background, and you’ll be able to spruce it up via some basic editing tools. If you own a PlayStation VR headset, you’ll also be able to view 3D movies in steroescopic 3D using that virtual headset, though looking for content to play might be a little challenging.

No launch date has been set for the new update as of yet.


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