Sony Tablet Computers to launch in Autumn of 2011

Sony Tablet Computers to launch in Autumn of 2011

Sony Tablets scheduled to launch this Autumn.

Sony recently released news about their long-awaited tablet computers. They’re releasing 2 versions, for now, coded S1 and S2.

The S1 is much like your usual tablet in the market, with a 9.4″ LCD screen and front and rear cameras. However it’s designed to be thinner on one end. They supposedly designed this with the weight in mind–so that when you’re holding the tablet the weight goes to your hand, not to your wrist.

Sony S1

The S2 is a 5.5″ tablet which quite honestly looks like a phone. It will have dual screens, one for the keyboard and another for the display and has front and rear cameras as well. By the looks of things, this might be the tablet that is more game-friendly. Some people are even thinking that this might be a PSP tablet.

Sony S2

Both tablets have pretty good features, such as infrared to control Sony Bravias (a la Apple TV) and compatibility for both 3G and 4G networks. They will also run on the Android Honeycomb OS, which reportedly has a holographic interface meant for tablet computers. It’s exciting to see how that will look.

The tablets are scheduled to launch by Autumn this year. The S1 is expected to be priced somewhere around $599 and the S2 is expected to be priced at $699.

Some comments and questions about these items:

1) How will this integrate with the PS3 and the Sony Home Entertainment system? Is there going to be a set bonus of sorts?

2) If the S2 is meant for playing games, it’s tough to imagine playing PSP/PS One games on a touch screen joystick.

3) If the tablet can play PSP/PS One games, does that mean the games will be available via the Android Marketplace, thus being open on all Android tablets?

4) It’s interesting to see if there will be USB slots and additional memory space on these tablets. Adding these will make it at least at par with the existing tablets in the market, trying to differentiate from the iPad’s no USB and additional memory stand.

Will you get one? 🙂

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