Sony’s Classy Glass Speaker is Coming to the Philippines

For those looking for a cool-looking speaker

If you are on the hunt for a speaker that will catch everyone’s attention, Sony is bringing the LSPX-S2 glass speaker to our shores. A successor to the first-generation LSPX-S1, Sony’s second-generation glass speaker makes use of Sony’s Advanced Vertical Drive Technology for a full 360-degree sound. Even with its cutting-edge design, the LSPX-S2 is compatible with Hi-Res Audio.

You can program the LSPX-S2’s LED bulb like candlelight with varying levels of brightness and flicker settings.

Other features include 8 hours of battery life, Bluetooth, WiFi, One-touch NFC, Multi-room function, and a “Push and Play” button for streaming songs via Spotify Connect.

The LSPX-S2 will be available at select Sony dealers on June 28.

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