Starmobile Engage Pro 10 With Windows 10 Revisited

by John Nieves  August 19, 2015

Starmobile Engage 10 Pro 02
We take a look at Starmobile’s Engage 10 Pro with Windows 10

A few months ago we took a look at Starmobile’s Engage 10 Pro, which, at the time was a Windows 8.1 tablet that could pull double duty as a full-fledged notebook. While our initial impressions was good, our review unit had to go back to Starmobile because of tweaks that needed to be done, as it was an engineering unit. We haven’t seen the tablet since then, right up until it showed up in our door a few days ago. While the tablet is still the same internally, the Engage 10 Pro was given a software overhaul by virtue of Windows 10. In case you forgotten the specs, let’s quickly take a look at it:

Starmobile Engage 10 Pro specs

  • Intel Atom Z3735F Baytrail-T processor, 1.8 GHz Quad Core
  • 10.1-inch Multitouch Capacitive Screen with In-Plane Switching (IPS); 1280 x 800 resolution
  • 32GB storage, expandable via MicroSD up to 64GB Expansion
  • 5-megapixel rear camera
  • 2-megapixel front camera
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, mini HDMI
  • 7500mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Windows 10

Starmobile Engage 10 Pro 05

Feels like a whole new device thanks to Windows 10

We’re not going to go into a deep dive of the externals of the device as we’ve already covered that in our previous hands-on. What you do need to know is that the Engage 10 Pro is a cross between a consumer tablet and a full-fledged notebook. It’s not the thinnest of tablets – in fact it’s downright chunky – but considering what it can do, it’s more than acceptable.

What’s great about the recent software overhaul with the Engage 10 Pro is that it feels like a different tablet entirely. While the Engage 10 Pro worked fine with Windows 8.1, it felt a little sluggish and sometimes was unresponsive. We’re not sure if that’s the fault of the tablet or Windows 8.1, but that’s just how it felt like to us. After the Windows 10 upgrade, the Engage 10 Pro felt extremely fast – it was responsive, quick and felt like a brand-new device, even though it’s sporting hardware that’s a little on the old side.

Starmobile Engage 10 Pro 04

With Windows 10, the Engage 10 Pro gets a few new tricks up its sleeve, which includes a more familiar desktop experience compared to Windows 8.1. The Start Button is back, and allows people who are familiar with either Windows XP, Vista or 7. This makes the tablet friendlier to first-time tablet/notebook users transitioning from a desktop.

Starmobile Engage 10 Pro 06

And just like before, you can use the Engage 10 Pro as a tablet or a notebook, and students will be happy to know that new Engage 10 Pros will still have the free 1 year Office 365 offer for productivity. The only issue is that you’ll have to manually download Windows 10 (which is a hefty multi-GB download) as the Engage 10 Pros in stores will still have Windows 8.1 installed.

Starmobile Engage 10 Pro 03

We’re also loving how well tablet mode works with Windows 10. Tiles and apps are laid out in a logical fashion, and since there’s a separate mode now for desktops, icons in tablet mode are less crowded and easier to find. Settings for the tablet like rotation lock, toggle for tablet mode, WiFi and other important functions are now easily accessible and are laid out in a neat way, making it easier to tweak your settings when the situation calls for it. Just like any Windows 10-powered device, the Engage 10 Pro can connect and sync to your Windows, Android or iOS device.

Starmobile Engage 10 Pro 01

Overall we’re very impressed with how the Starmobile Engage 10 Pro was improved by a simple OS overhaul. It’s now easier to use, and Windows 10 seems to have improved the overall performance of the machine. Students and people on the hunt for a productivity-focused machine may want to take a look at Starmobile’s offering if they want to save a few bucks instead of buying a full fledged notebook.

The Starmobile Engage 10 Pro is still priced at Php 11990.

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