STM Scout Extra Small Shoulder Bag

STM Scout Extra Small Shoulder Bag

Minimalist designs go far nowadays. This new STM Scout Extra Small Shoulder Bag is a great minimalist design for a protective and functional laptop bag. Although this bag is optimized for the 11″ MacBook Air, it provides space and pockets for everything else you would need–the charger, a notebook, pens, business cards, a book.

No need to worry about security and safety of your stuff–the compartments are padded, the laptop compartment has a velcro cover to ensure it doesn’t open by mistake, and the cover has a snapping lock to secure the contents.

Best of all, if you don’t own an 11″ MacBook Air, you should still be able to fit your iPad (with most iPad cases). Really a multipurpose bag.

This bag can be ordered online through the PH Apple Store. It costs Php 4,440. Shipping is free, but give 3-4 weeks for shipping.

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