Strix SCAR 18, G18 Leads ASUS ROG CES 2023 Announcements

Strix SCAR 18, G18 Leads ASUS ROG CES 2023 Announcements

ASUS joins the 18-inch gaming laptop scene with the unveiling of the ROG Strix SCAR 18 and G18 at CES 2023.

In its lineup of new gaming laptops at CES 2023, ASUS ROG joins other brands in announcing an 18-inch gaming laptop with the Strix SCAR 18 and G18, as they believe serious gamers need bigger screen estate for their games. Both models make use of ASUS’ Nebula HDR technology and come with either 165hz or 240hz refresh rate options.

The ROG Strix G18 can be configured with up to a Core i9-13980HX processor and 175w TDP RTX 4080 GPU, while the SCAR 18 ups the ante with up to an RTX 4090 GPU with the same 175w TDP

Aside from introducing two huge gaming laptops at CES 2023, ASIS updated its Strix SCAR 17 and G17 to have the latest Ryzen 7000 processors and RTX 40-series GPUs, while the Zephyrus M16 gets a redesigned chassis and a Mini LED display, along with ROG’s quirky AniMe Matrix Display on the lid.

The former Zephyrus G15 is now called the G16 with its larger 16-inch display and updated internals–all while keeping the same footprint as its predecessor. The G14, on the other hand, now has a Mini LED display with ASUS’ Nebula HDR tech.

As for the ROG Flow family, the X13 gets a new redesign that keeps it compact while packing an RTX 4070 GPU inside, while the Z13 and X16 get generational upgrades.

ASUS is set to bring over the 2023 ROG lineup by the second quarter of 2023, and there’s no word when these gaming laptops will land in the Philippines.

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