Synaptics Announces In-display Fingerprint Sensor

It’s launching with select OEM partners next year

If you’re a phone company and make a device with an 18:9 display, where do you put the fingerprint scanner? The rear? Make a small space in the front? Well, soon it won’t be a problem. Synaptics have announced that the worlds’ first in-display fingerprint sensor. The Clear ID FS9500 is designed for smartphones with 18:9 panels and bezel-less displays, and allows for fingerprint authentication within the display panel itself.

It works much like any fingerprint sensors available today, but it does it underneath the display glass. Synaptics says that it can handle a variety of situations including wet, dry and cold fingers.

Synaptics says that the tech is already in production, with the tech utilized by a “top five” smartphone company. While Synaptics did not mention who the company is, their press release includes the words “bezel-free OLED infinity displays” which is the exact same name that Samsung uses for its panels in the Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

Will the tech show up in the Galaxy S9 when it’s announced early next year? Who knows. One thing’s for sure – fingerprint scanners will soon disappear into the phone’s display next year.

John Nieves

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