t-Jays Four Review

by Carlo Ople  March 18, 2012

t-Jays Four Review

t-Jays Four Review

The t-Jays Four is undoubtedly one of the best in-ear headphones you’ll find for your smartphone or tablet. It’s compact, portable, stylish, durable, comes with a microphone/remote, and it delivers outstanding sound quality. Everything you really need is in the box as well like the hard carrying case, extra silicone tips, and even a cable extension. A lot of effort, thought, and attention was put to this product and we highly recommend it to our readers here at Unbox.

Product Design

A fascinating feature of the t-Jays Four is the way they made the actual earphones. You can actually wear it with the cables going over your ears or from below (usual listening fashion). The silicone tips are angled inwards which gives it more flexibility. For even more comfort make sure to try on the different sized silicone tips. You have to find the right size so that you get the best sound, noise isolation, and over-all comfort so that you reduce potential ear fatigue.

The cable is made from kevlar material making sure that it’s tough enough to survive those accidental tugs and pulls which almost everybody makes these days. Even the in-line microphone with remote control looks kinda sturdy compared to the plasticky and gimmicky in-line controls you get with Beats Audio products (ouch). If you don’t need the earphones just store them away in the hard carrying case (comes in the box) for maximum protection and portability.

In-line remote control is the typical Jays 3-button control in their other products. It works best with iOS devices like your iPod, iPad, or iPhone. It will work with Android smartphones though but the only button that will function is the middle one. You can also download the Jays Android app for free to get added controls and features.

3-button in-line remote control with microphone

The t-Jays Four checks all the boxes in the design department. It’s slick, cool, and durable. There’s nothing more that you can ask for except maybe for different colors for those who like their earphones in bright pastel shades, lol.

Sound Quality

For this review I decided not to use any portable amplifiers to enhance the sound since doing so will negate the in-line microphone for receiving calls and texts. While the sound isn’t as good as having amps (amps target enhancing the source more than the earphones), I still found the experience awesome. The t-jays Four is just so convenient for people like me who are always on-the-go making and answering calls while enjoying music in between.

Even without the amps the level of sound that comes out of this thing is amazing. The mids are warm and the highs are pristine and detailed. Add to that the full, punchy, and powerful bass that’s even present during low volume and you have an epic pair of earphones!

Convenience + Style + Good Sound = the t-Jays Four. SRP is Php6,699. It’s available in various Astro Vision and Astro Plus branches but you can also order via the Jays Philippines website.

For more on the packaging and the unboxing you might want to check out our first article on this product by clicking here.

When not in use just store it away in the hard carrying case. Win.

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