The Fujifilm X-S20 is Rated for 800 Shots on a Single Charge

The Fujifilm X-S20 is Rated for 800 Shots on a Single Charge

Three years after the X-S10, Fujifilm announces a successor with the X-S20 as its latest APS-C hybrid mirrorless camera. Headlining the upgrades made to the X-S20 is a 26.1-megapixel X-Trans 4 CMOS sensor that’s paired with Fujifilm’s X-Processor 5.

The upgraded internals allow the X-S20 to record 6.2K/30P 4:2:2 10-bit video internally, along with 4K/60P and 1080/240P video recording modes.

The X-S20 uses a new high-capacity NP-W235 battery, of which Fujifilm claims up to 800 shots on a single charge. That is one of the highest-rated battery life on a mirrorless camera to date. You still get the same signature grip of the X-S series, and Fuji is proud to say that the X-S20 weighs just under 500 grams with the memory card and battery installed.

As it is aimed towards vloggers, the X-S20 has a Vlog Mode feature when used with the TG-BT1 Tripod grip.

Like its predecessor, the X-S20 has a 5-axis in-body IS that can compensate for up to 7 stops, along with utilizing the same AI-based Subject Detection AF found on the X-T5. The AF system on the X-S20 also works even while in AF-C mode, being able to track intended subjects and place them in focus.

The buttons and controls of the X-S20 are the same as its predecessor–albeit with minor tweaks, so those planning to upgrade will be familiar with the layout. A new addition to the X-S20 is the headphone jack, which allows you to monitor audio while recording.


Fujifilm X-S20 Price Philippines

The X-S20 is priced at Php 79,990 for the body only, Php 85,990 with a 15-45mm kit lens, and Php 103,990 with an 18-55mm kit lens. All three come bundled with a Lowepro Sling Bag.

Should you want to get the TG-BT1 Tripod Grip, the bundle price is Php 88,980 for the body only, Php 94,980 with the 15-45mm kit lens, and Php 112,980 with the 18-55mm kit lens.

Pre-orders for the X-S20 begin today (May 24) and until June 15.

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