The iPhone 5 Takes Kick-Ass Photos

The iPhone 5 Takes Kick-Ass Photos

iPhone 5 Camera is apparently awesome… even in low light!

iPhone 5 Camera is Amazeballs

Last night we were at the launch event of TV5’s newest digital lifestyle portal, Now wait… you might be thinking this is a promotional post for TV5 since I work for them. However the focus of this post isn’t actually the event itself but the device used to capture and immortalize some moments. Since I was too lazy to bring our DSLR or even our digital point-and-shoot, I decided to just use the iPhone 5 to take photos. I was kinda amazed with the photo quality even if they were taken mostly in lowlight conditions. Check out some of the sample pics below.

iPhone 5 Sample Photos

The photos below were taken with the built-in camera app of the iPhone 5. Editing is mostly just cropping (especially the vertically long ones you see). It boasts of an 8-megapixel front shooter with backside illumination, hybrid IR filter, 5-element lens, and f/2.4 aperture. Truth be told I have no idea what those things mean save for the 8-megapixel and the f/2.4 aperture. I do know one thing for sure though… the iPhone 5 takes really great pics!

As you guys can see the pictures came out really well! This is despite the lighting condition and how cast the models were moving when they were on the ramp. I’m definitely impressed with the optics of the iPhone 5 and I daresay that it beats almost any other camera on smartphones today (save for the Pureview 808).

The iPhone 5 is already “unofficially” available via Greenhills and online shops. It’s definitely still overpriced right now since the 16GB model still goes for around 42-45k. The good news though is that we have several sources already confirming that we will see the iPhone 5 land in the Philippines with Apple’s blessing sometime in the middle of December.

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