The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus adds an e-Ink Display on its Lid

Made to improve productivity between meetings

While the ThinkPad X1 Fold took most of the limelight for its foldable OLED display, the ThinkBook Plus is also unique on its own. Its standout feature? An 10.8-inch e-Ink display that is meant to show pertinent information such as calendar events, to-do lists, and weather information as professionals shuffle through between meetings.

It also doubles as a notepad, where you can create quick notes with its supplied stylus and sync them via Microsoft OneNote. In essence, it is literally like carrying a digital planner together with your business laptop.

As for its specs, the ThinkBook Plus comes with a 13-inch Full HD display with Dolby Vision, support for Amazon Alexa, 10th-generation Intel processors, SSD with optional Intel Optane memory, and an integrated fingerprint reader.

The ThinkBook Plus starts at $1200(~Php 61.2k) and will be available in April.

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