The OnePlus Concept One Is A Solution To A Non-existent Problem

The OnePlus Concept One Is A Solution To A Non-existent Problem

It does look cool though

OnePlus took to CES to show off their new smartphone concept, dubbed the OnePlus Concept One. OnePlus hasn’t exactly been short on details on the new concept, which basically allows the phone to blackout the camera module by using electrochromic glass. Until a current is applied to it the glass is opaque, hiding all those cameras at the rear of what is essentially a re-skinned OnePlus 7T Pro from the world until you want to use it.

Is it cool? Absolutely. Is it useful? Eh. We’re all used to looking at multiple camera modules at the back of phones by now, and I’m assuming there are very few people that get turned off by seeing quad-cameras at the rear of most flagship phones nowadays. The tech isn’t completely just for cool points though – it can act as an ND filter when you’re taking photos and video in really, really bright environments via Pro Mode.

As for the rest of the phone, it’s a OnePlus 7T Pro that has bright, papaya yellow leather treatment that’s associated with McLaren sportscars. It’s an interesting design for sure, but I honestly don’t think that other smartphone manufacturers will be racing to make their own version of OnePlus’ tech any time soon.

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