The Smartwatch I Actually Want to Own

My Smartwatch of choice right now: the Tag Heuer Connected

It’s Not the Tag Heuer Connected

I’m a sucker for Smartwatches and it’s a painful and expensive curse to have. I’ve used the Apple Watch (Series 1 and 2), FossilQ, Moto 360, and went all out with the ridiculously overpriced Tag Heuer Connected. Here’s the sad reality: I’ve sold all of the smartwatches I’ve owned with the exception of the Tag Heuer Connected. The notifications were distracting and the watch applications were pretty much all useless. The only feature I actually used frequently was the pedometer to count my steps (lol). Unfortunately the Tag Heuer Connected’s fitness tracking capabilities end with the pedometer.

The new Fitbit Iconic

And that’s where the new Fitbit Iconic comes in.

The only similarity it has with the Apple Watch and other smartwatches is that it has an LED display and a band. Everything else is geared towards fitness tracking. It’s actually more of a fitness tracker with a watch versus a “smart watch”.

What makes it awesome? 7 days battery life. It works with either Android or iOS. It has water resistance. It has an optical heart rate tracker, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, Sp02 sensor (blood oxygen tracker over time — better sleep quality tracking is one feature), altimeter, and vibration.

It can also be a standalone fitness device. It also has WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, NFC, and 2.5GB internal storage. You can load songs into it, connect your wireless speakers, and do your training without having to bring out your smartphone.

In short, it’s a fitness tracker first, smartwatch second.

We’ll be on the watch out for local release but will definitely get our hands on one and do a full review once available so stay glued to this space!

Carlo Ople

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  1. very expensive way to learn that smartwatches have very little use in everyday life. Plus, batery charge dont last long and charging it almost everyday is a bit annoying. smartwatches are really optional gadgets. if they make smartwatches with solar charger, that will be a bit better (there are a few watches that are solar powered) but still not a good thing to buy.

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