The Xiaomi EV Sedan MIGHT be a Real Tesla Killer

The Xiaomi EV Sedan MIGHT be a Real Tesla Killer

The recent reports of Xiaomi and its upcoming EV vehicles further reveals that it will be priced competitively against Tesla.

Aside from reports that Xiaomi will be reportedly making an EV sports car, the brand plans to do a one-two punch to Tesla with a sedan-type EV car that will have an aggressive price against the Model 3.

According to reports, the entry-level version of the Xiaomi EV sedan, which is codenamed Modena, will have a starting price of $37,900 or around Php 2.1 million when converted. For comparison, the entry-level Tesla Model 3 costs roughly $41,000 for the rear-wheel drive variant.

The alleged prototype Xiaomi car.


To make things interesting, Xiaomi’s first EV was reportedly spotted around China, and it confirms reports that it will indeed have a four-door layout.

Other details about Xiaomi’s first EV sedan include the use of BYD’s 400-volt lithium iron phosphate battery packs and will utilize chips from Qualcomm and NVIDIA. There will be a higher-end version as well that will use an 800-volt CATL Kirin battery. Both models will reportedly use a 260Kw motor. The car will reportedly go into production by 2024.

Speaking of the rumored Xiaomi EV sports car, that model will reportedly launch in 2025 and is codenamed Le Mans. While it will utilize the same platform as the Modena, the Le Mans will have three electric motors, which appears to position itself as a rival to Tesla’s Model S.

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