Unbox Podcast V 3.0: Xiaomi Mi In-ear Headphones!

by John Nieves  September 14, 2014


We take a look at Xiaomi’s bang-for-the-buck Mi In-ear headphones!

In today’s podcast, Unbox EIC Carlo Ople takes a look at Xiaomi’s affordable Mi In-ear headphones, more commonly known as the Mi Pistons! These are very nice and very affordable in-ear headphones that you can get from Lazada for just Php 695! The big question is: does the quality match the affordable price? Check the episode below to find out!

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    I rather have a Coloud pop. One of the best below 1k according to this site. Actually, you can find the pop below 900 at various malls today

    I’m waiting for more thorough review of xiaomi in ear products though. Pwedeng pan regalo

    Xiaomi Pistons V2 is much much better on the design and the sound quality than the coloud pop which cost 900 whili pistons v2 only cost 695..the coloud po have a very poor quality and have a heavy cord that makes it hard to keep fit on your ear.

    I have both Coloud Pop and Piston. Matibay yung Coloud Pop! More than 2 years na sakin with heavy usage. Yung Piston naman maganda talaga sound quality. Talo Coloud Pop. Hindi nga lang ganun ka comfortable yung fit ng Piston pero masasanay siguro.

    Repost: I came here just to tell everybody that Mi In-ear headphone will greatly disappoint you. Pls dont buy this product. Only the good in this particular Mi product is its marketing and packaging. Maniwala kayo kung ayaw nyong magsisi! Got this today from Lazada and super basura ang quality sa presyong P700. I have my Sennheiser earphone for only 400 pesos still from Lazada and you will be amazed with the professional audio quality, true bass and everything. I love Mi3 and other Xiaomi product. Pero this Mi In-ear headphone, ang audio quality nya katulad lang ng mabibili mo sa divisoria. Thanks to me for being honest. 🙂

    You don’t know what you are talking about. 🙂 Better learn real audio quality. FYI I’m not a fan of Pistons 2.0, I prefer the sound quality of VSonic and Hifiman products (pero mas mahal un) sa presyo ang kalaban ng pistons 2.0 lang is philips she3590 and monoprice 9927. Lamang ng konti sa sound quality is pistons 2.0 dun. Tapos kung icocompare mo sa cx300-II ng sennheiser ang pistons 2.0 ang kalalabasan is basura ang cx300-II, too bass heavy siya and muddied ang mids, unlike sa crystal clear sq ng pistons 2.0


    It’s not compatible other than mi products? or it’s just your device which is choosy and is not compatible with different brands/models of earphones?

    Clearly you don’t know what you are talking about or lazada sent you a dud / fake ones. I bought mine straight from xiaomi and it really is one of the best on its price range. I just lost mine so I’ll buy a new one from lazada soon.

    Ah. You must be selling those sennheiser earphones in lazada and you’re losing profits because of the pistons 2.0. One must be really deaf to be able to call it basura. And call those fake 400php sennheiser ear phones better.

    i do think lazada sent fake ones, I own one now and it’s kind of dissapointing na hindi yung original version yung binibenta nila, nakita ko sa mga reviews ang originals na Pistons 2, packaging plang ibang-iba na. It should’ve been better than the Earpods but mine was just not good enough. i’m not an auidophile pero alam ko talaga yung pagkakaiba ng sound quality nila. bumili nlang ako sana ng coloud pop mas sure pa ako dun, malakas yung bass. But these aren’t all that bad, balanced nmn sya sa sound quality nya

    I bought mine at Lazada for 695 plus an addition 99 pesos for shipping. That’s 794 pesos in total and its still worth it! Clear talaga ang sounds at okay naman ang bass.

    Kaso medyo mahina ang sound output sa MP Rio ko kaya gumamit ako ng equalizer para mag improve ang sq.

    Kakakuha ko lang ng akin…not working ang volume rocker sa iphone 3gs..ganon ba tlga?? This is better than the ipod earphones..saka mas pogi to..kaya..yeah kung bibili kau ng apple earphones na worth 500 to nalang bilhin nio..just add 200 lang naman

    I think that most of the local branded phones are not compatible, but international brands will (It doesn’t work on my CM Flare S, so I use it on my Laptop and my HTC desire s).
    They’re kind of racist but hey, 700 pesos for a good quality earphones, there’s not much to complain about. 😉

    It do sound good. The remote control is not working on my Zenphone, it only works as play/pause control. Sound quality is on-par with IEMs priced from 1.5k to 3K based on my personal auditions. The only problem I found about it is that is has a very bad mid to upper bass bloat, which can result to a bit muddying the mids. I was about to give it to my brother as gift for his birthday coz of the bloat but then I remember my experience on tuning speakers and subwoofers.
    I tamed the mid to upper bass bloat by blocking the vent with a masking tape, effectively making it sealed. Now it sounds to my liking, the bloat is still there but greatly diminished, also the mids opened up a bit. The stock eartips are very comfortable to my ears, more comfortable than my current IEM Dunu Trident dn-12. I like it now better than my Dunu trident. I decided to give the Dunu to my brother as gift.

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