Unboxing the AIAIAI Pipe Earphones

Unboxing the AIAIAI Pipe Earphones

AIAIAI Pipe Earphones Philippines
AIAIAI Pipe Earphones Philippines
AIAIAI Pipe Earphones

Unboxed: The AIAIAI Pipe

The Pipe is Aiaiai’s entry level in-ear headphones. True to the Aiaiai brand, the Pipe looks funky, making it come off as a lifestyle product more than audiophile equipment. That’s probably their intent though since that broadens the customer base.

It also comes with two extra ear buds and an inline remote control with microphone making it a great companion for your smartphone. We currently have a loaner review unit courtesy of Digital Hub. Check out our unboxing as well as our initial impressions below.


Just like the box of the AIAIAI Tracks, the Pipe comes in a solid carton box that has a front flap that you can flip open to get a good look at the actual product.

I like the packaging of AIAIAI!

To unbox just remove the hard plastic cover and pull out the foam containing the buds inside. This is what it looks like without the plastic:

Three color theme for the Pipe! Our unit was black, gray, and white. Btw extra tips at the top.

The only thing lacking really is a carrying case. I think this should be a staple since people have a tendency of just stuffing in their earphones in their bags when not in use.

Initial Impressions

The sound signature is leaning towards the lower range and as such it puts more emphasis on the bass but sacrifices a bit on the clarity and the mids. If you’re more into RNB, disco, and electronic tracks then you might want to get one of these. However you get some sort of muffled sound when it comes to the vocals. It’s definitely still a major improvement when compared to the stock iPhone/iPod earphones though. 😛

My personal recommendation though for you guys though is to just save an additional Php1,000 and buy the AIAIAI Tracks instead. I still think it’s one of the best ultra portables in the market today. It has much more balanced SQ which I think most people will appreciate. The extra 1k is definitely worth it if you ask me.

Both the AIAIAI Pipe and Tracks are now available in the Philippines. You should be able to find stocks in branches of Digital Hub, Digital Walker, and Beyond the Box.

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