Unboxing the Audio-Technica M50 Headphones

Unboxing the Audio-Technica M50 Headphones

Time to unbox the Audio-Technica M50 Headphones!

Among all the headphones being offered by Audio-Technica, the Audio-Technica M50 is at the top of my list. It delivers excellent sound quality, sturdy yet comfortable build, and the price won’t leaving that much of a burning hole in your wallet. Here are some of the unboxing photos as well as initial impressions of the ATH-M50!

As you can see in the photo above (and below), the packaging is pretty simple. Unboxing this is easy. Just open the box from the top, pull it upwards and you get the ATH-M50.

Neat, simple, and clean packaging

What’s inside the box? You have the headphones, a black pouch, and a couple of manuals. The default jack is for stereo but you can take it out and use the standard 3.5 jack.

You can fold it up for more portability
Nice black pouch! Wish they included this with the SJ series

The ATH-M50’s ear cups swivel probably for those who do DJ’ing. It’s made from comfortable foam that shapes to your ears to give maximum comfort. It does get warm after sometime though.

Big, comfortable, black ear cushions which help a lot with isolation

As with a lot of other ATH headphones you can extend or retract the ear cups. Adjust it for the best fit on your head.

Slide to extend

The headband of the ATH-M50 also has foam to make sure that the top of your head is also comfortable when you have the cans on. It also has pretty nice branding with the white Audio-Technica logo on the black background. Very classic and elegant.

The ATH-M50 headband

How about sound quality? I’ve been using this for the last 3-4 days now and it’s just superb. The bass was a bit weak at the start but it got much better after burning it in (using it for a while). The mids are also a bit recessed but it’s not that big of a problem for me. The ATH-M50 blows a lot of the other headphones that I own out of the water. Yes, that includes the entire SJ series. The ATH-SJ55 is not in the same league as the ATH-M50. Note though that the ATH-M50 is a bit big so it’s definitely not as portable as the ATH-SJ series.

If you regularly use earphones/headphones that are under Php3,000, the ATH-M50 will bring you to a completely different listening experience. One that will leave a huge impression on your ears that you can’t listen to music anymore unless the quality is at par or better than the ATH-M50.

The Audio-Technica M50 retails for Php8,999. You can find it at Power Mac Center and selected Astro Vision branches.

Our full review soon.

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